The best options for most e-commerce merchants to accept credit cards
payment from their web store is via third party online credit card payment
gateways such as PayPal, WorldPay, iPay88, NBepay, 2Checkout, Google
Checkout, Money Booker any many more. Subscribing to these third party
online credit card payment gateways save you the trouble of applying for an
Internet merchant account from your respective bank which can be
troublesome, subject to strict terms and conditions and hard to get

To save your time and resources on choosing the right third party online
credit card payment gateways for your company, we have compile a comparison
chart of few selected major credit card payment gateways that are available
for Malaysian e-commerce merchants and supported by our Hosted E-commerce

Please note that all the data provided below is from Malaysian e-commerce
merchant’s point of view. Rates and terms might be different for merchant
from other countries. Please consult the respective companies for details.

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