Have you ever met someone who doesn’t love free stuff? This feature of human nature is inherent in every individual: everybody wants to get more by doing less. Why not use this knowledge to your benefit?

People naturally love freebies, whether they are products, services, or consultations. When a visitor comes to your site, and finds something free that she can use or download (downloading is especially important, because the file will get to her own PC visitor’s private territory), it definitely makes her happy.

As a result, the visitor gets tied to a powerful psychological anchor this site is good, it makes me feel better. In most cases, this visitor will come back either to get a new freebie, or to find out what else is there on your website. Being grateful, she may decide to StumbleUpon (or whatever bookmarking service she uses) the site or tell friends about it. Both are good for you since this way you get new visitors.

Before you offer something free, you should be sure your visitors really need it. How can you be sure? Research your audience. Make a poll: ask your visitors what they are interested in most of all, what they would like to see at your website. Next, create a freebie. What can it be?

  1. Useful how-to instructions that are close to the site theme: guides, books, articles (printable PDFs are handy in such cases), videos, etc.Visitors should be interested in downloading your files. Include some additional information about products you offer at your site into the guides, describe their usage in real life – add showcases – to make it interesting.
  2. Entertaining freebies: coloring pictures (for children), games, puzzles, featured music files in mp3, magazines, clipart, icon sets, whatever fits your site’s theme and goal. Depending on your site, choose something that may be interesting to your visitors. If your blog is about web-design, offer free icon sets and clipart. If you sell icons, make some of them available for free.
  3. Valuable information: web sources lists, newsletters. By offering site lists, you save your visitor’s time – they do not need to search for important information through the entire web. Make it easy for them to subscribe to the list with their favorite feed-reader or save the list to their bookmarks or desktop.
  4. Corporate attributes: cups, t-shirts, caps, pens, hand-mirrors (anything people might need for their daily use) If you sell products under your own brand, offer a free t-shirt or cup containing the corporate logo along with the order. This way the buyer will feel her proximity to something successful (such as your brand’s).
  5. A perfect way to make your visitors feel they save money is to offer free shipping for their order. In this case you are not giving them something, but you will make them feel satisfied because they are saving on the delivery costs.
  6. Run a contest and give a small present to each participant every bit counts.
  7. If you sell software, its always good to offer a free version or a full-featured trial let people understand what it is and what she can get by paying money. Some thoughts on free software by Mac Slocum toc.oreilly.com/2008/06/using-the-psychology-of-free.html. Right after your visitors get what they want, you, in your turn, may ask for some small favor in return. Most site owners ask for a subscription to their newsletter or account registration (of course, this should be also free). This is a good way of getting targeted and interested subscribers. Make your visitors happy with your care, and they will make you happy too!

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