n today’s market place more and more consumers are expecting Internet merchants to offer free shipping. If you currently do not, isn’t it time you consider doing so? A recent report by an analyst showed that free shipping remains an important factoring in normal online sales. What I found interesting was that the average order amount was higher for merchants that offered free shipping. When an Internet store offers free shipping for purchases over $75 for example, it encourages consumers to spend more to receive the incentive. People like to receive free stuff. This encourages them to continue shopping to see if there is anything else they may like to buy. Merchants do have a cost by absorbing the shipping cost, but if it were to increase your average sale amount, that would very well pay for it. Plus, the extra bonus is you landed a customer that could very well come back many more times in the future. Look at Amazon, their profit margins are very slim, but they have a ton of repeat customers. Having larger sales does increase your merchant account fees, but then that is also something you must expect too.

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