Joomla, WordPress or Drupal CMS? Confuse to determine what you’ll choose?
There are many applications to make website. Some of them are Joomla,
Wordpress, and Drupal. They are three major CMS (Content Management System).
Many bloggers have made comparisons of these three major CMS. From that
comparison, we can see the best one. However, all of them have superiorities
and weakness. They are fit people purposes in different ways. Let’s us make
some comparisons of these three CMS, that may help you to choose the best
one for your purposes.

Here we will discuss Joomla versus WordPress versus Drupal. Firstly, we see
the Joomla. Joomla is CMS that is more powerful for full-blown CMS. Joomla
CMS is a piece of cake or very easy to install. It is also fairly easy and
straightforward in using it. About the administration, Joomla has very
graphical and intuitive administration and the selections of themes also
good. Joomla requires openSEF or SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) extension
and it may offer security risks due to SEO changes. However, you can create
blog easily with Joomla. Web 2.0 of Joomla still has the older content
driven aspects and less community focus. It is lack of permissions control,
decent scalability, and has no multisite. The categorization is limited and
its SSL requires some programming. The speed of Joomla is very fast with
rendering pages but also can slow down when features are added. The download
size is 878 kb.

Secondly, we talk about WordPress. WordPress CMS is an application to build
blog with various selections of themes. Like Joomla, WordPress is easy to
install and to use. Everybody can do it. Moreover, it is very easy to
administer the site. Comparing with Joomla, WordPress has excellent and
large theme selections. The SEO is very fantastic. All contents have unique
page with an SEO friendly and title and URL. WordPress is the best blogging
software. It is very web. 2.0 and has permissions control. It has limited
scalability, no multisite and SSL. The download size is 802 kb. The last is
Drupal which is great for blogs. It is easy to install. The theme is lacking
when we compare with those two. The SEO is fantastic. It has pure web. 2,
built in SSL, very granural permissions, and great scalability. The speed is
very efficient and the size of download is 728 kb.

They are some comparisons of the three CMS that may help you in choosing the
best one for you. You can also choose them based on your purposes. However,
if you are challenged to try the difficult one, you can choose Drupal.

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