We all know the importance =
search engines give to backlinks of a website in their overall ranking =
algorithm. Every webmaster knows the fact that to rank well in search =
engines they need to have a decent number (greater than their =
competitors) of quality backlinks linking to their website. And, we also =
know that how hard it is to build quality links when you are managing a =
100% E-Commerce website leaving most of us with the only option of paid =
links and spamming.

But, in this article we’ll cover 9 =
more methods you can implement to build some high quality natural =

1. Share a coupon =

Online couponing has gained a huge =
popularity in last 1-2 years. Thanks to tough economic times.  =
Nowadays, almost every buyer tries to find a coupon code of a store =
before doing a purchase from it.

Create a discount =
coupon code and submit it to as many coupon sharing sites and blogs as =
possible. Most of these sites give a do-follow link to the store =
website. So this technique will not only help you in building links but =
also in increasing your brand awareness.

You can also =
create exclusive discount coupons for readers of most popular blogs and =
sites to keep track of orders you get from these websites. This data =
will help you in planning your long term marketing =

2. Offer exclusive discounts to =

Offer an exclusive discount coupon =
or an attractive offer to your current customers for a mention on their =
blogs with a link back to your website or for testimonials on other main =
business directories like Google places, yelp, Yahoo local =

3. Offer products for =

Create a list of most influential =
bloggers (Fashion bloggers, Software bloggers) of your niche and send =
them free products for review. This technique won’t be very effective if =
your product is very common as most of the A-list bloggers will decline =
it because of the numerous pitches they get every day. So you need to =
keep contacting new bloggers until you get the desired =

4. Join niche associations and local =
business organizations

The other good source =
where you can get high quality relevant links is local business =
organizations and associations. Normally, all such organizations have =
websites with backlinks from other big organizations and government =
websites. Becoming a member of these organizations not only gives you an =
opportunity to network with other like-minded people but also entitle =
you for a link to your website from the members section of these =

5. Donate to local charities and =

Find out charities and NGO’s which links =
to their donor’s websites. It is a win-win situation if you donate to =
such organizations. These organizations will get some money to support =
their causes and you will get a high quality =

6. Discount =

Search for organizations/institutions =
which keep track of companies offering discounts to their employees for =
shopping. Contact them with an exclusive discount coupon and get a link =
back. An example can be found here.

7. Sponsor a tweet-up/local bloggers meet =

Search for local bloggers using search =
feature on social media sites like Facebook /Twitter. Also you can make =
use of sites like blogdigger.com to find bloggers in your area. Invite =
them for a meet-up  to your company or local caf=E9 where you can =
tell them about your products in hope that they will mention your =
website on their blogs.

8. Sponsor/organize =
contests and giveaways

Organizing contests or =
just sponsoring them is another great way to attract some links. Search =
for bloggers (you can easily find a lot of them) who actively organize =
contests for their readers and request them to organize a contest on =
your blog promoting your company. Most of the bloggers will happily do =
it for free (though a few demand a fee or a free =

9. Start a =

It is a fact that to get natural links =
you need to have high quality content. And, since most of the ecommerce =
sites don’t have any useful content there is a very low probability for =
them of attracting links. One can remove this limitation by simply =
adding a blog and updating it with unique, useful and of course SEO =
friendly content. You can learn more about the SEO benefits of a blog here=

10. Tweet

Join =
Twitter and follow the leaders in your space. Contribute thoughtfully to =
get some influential followers to your tweets and blog. =


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